Brain Training For Dogs

By Gayle Wilson | March 20, 2019

Adrienne Farricelli - Brain Training for Dogs review authorDo you have a dog, but you do not know how to start his training? I’m glad to present you a unique book “Brain Training for Dogs” by Adrienne Farricelli, which presents a very effective technique for training dogs. Do not miss this manual if you want your dog to become much smarter! To prepare for the first training session, you will need: a collar, leash and a treat for the dog. Dainties for the dog are for motivation, they are always needed for greater efficiency and teamwork. It is advisable to choose a place that your dog knows, or to give her a first sniff of the terrain. It is important for a dog to know the territory, since in a territory where it is not oriented, it will be difficult to train. Practice shows that where the dog is better orientated, the pet shows much better results, take it to the note.

On the terrain for training, you need to ensure that there is no one, it is desirable that you were together. Your main task is that at the time of training your dog is not distracted by external irritants. From delicacies can come dry food, it is well preserved in any weather, well tolerated and does not stain your hands. But the dog can tell you the opposite, that dry food does not attract it and then the motivation for the dog to exercise will be less. So it’s necessary to take liver sausage, possibly chicken cuts or, as an option, liver sausage. It all depends on your dog’s preferences. Before training, you need to walk the dog. Prepare it for training. Run through the stadium a couple of laps, or walk your dog well. This will give it an initial preparation for training. I wish your dog to become the smartest!

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