Bulletproof Home Defense

By Gayle Wilson | March 20, 2019

There are always people, who want to profit using another’s property. They steal everything that has at least some value: tools, beddings, dishes. Homeless people  also dragged everything, especially food. All owners of the country houses always dream about how to save their homes from the unwanted visits. How to do this wisely? The best idea is to examine the advice from the book “Bulletproof Home” attentively. The author of this book is professional in the field of protection of property against infringement by others. In the meantime, there are some useful tips.

Strengthening the fence, automatic gate

First of all, it’s necessary to protect your area reliably, but the fence, even if it’s too high, never stops the thieves and the vagabonds. Every fence is available to climb it. But if  on top of the fence there is a  barbed spiral diameter of 0.5 m, it will be not just difficult  to climb over such fence also dangerous. And if somebody will climb the fence, he will not rob the house, but will lick his wounds. The barbed spiral is a wonderful invention which is  a serious obstacle to get to the area. It securely fastened to the pins, which are firmly fixed on the top of the support pillars. Every fence can be topped by spiral: wood or brick. The cost per meter is 1 dollar. This “fence row” sold in many DIY stores.

In all, even the very protected houses, there is a weak link fence – gate or gates. Here the owners always expect a catch. To install the metal gates is too expensive unless it’ll not help.

The surest way to protect the territory from outsiders  is automatic gate. They just let the owners to the home. These gates are opened and closed by remote control by pressing a button. If you will put the troubleproof battery power , the gate will operate even during the power failure. Garage doors with minimum dimensions of the two remote automated system latch with installation cost about 1000 dollars. The gate in the fence which close the entrance to the territory, require careful mounting, so the price of a small gate is 2 thousand dollars.

Protection of  windows and doors

If the house has got lots of goods, even if not too expensive, the total cost of it is very impressive. Although reliable armor to protect the house is not the cheapest pleasure, it still get cheaper than to leave it to robbers. Windows and doors equipped with shutters, the house was converted into a relatively impregnable bastion. They, of course, can be cut blowtorch, but most likely, robbers do not want to be noisy and attract the attention of guards or neighbors living nearby. By the way, the profiles of shutters filled with polyurethane foam, significantly reduces heat losses. More  the height and thickness of the profile is , more  the degree of protection is. Durability depends on the installation location. For example, if you install the shutters from the inside during the construction of the house, they will be completely invisible. In order to break such a structure would have to tear down the wall.

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