Cellulite Disappear

By Gayle Wilson | March 20, 2019

Even models and athletes have cellulite. It is not where Photoshop. It doesn’t matter, you are thin or fat – cellulite can catch you. Cellulite in light form – is rather rule, than deviation. Define the phase of your cellulite and the reason. So it is easier to fight with him.There are analysis on hormones and visit to a gynecologist-endocrinologist to help you. Cellulite can hit the body of the teenager in sexual maturation and the women after 40. But the older you are, then harder to win it, because the cells after fourteen years divide worse. So, it is necessary to prepare previously. The ration of the women after 40 must be reducing minimum on 1/3. By the way, using the book Cellulite Disappear it is easier to fight with cellulite. There are complex of very effective measurements that gives excellent result in fighting with cellulite in home conditions. Checked on own experience.  Today even teenagers have cellulite. Why it is appear and what to do?

13 reasons of appearing cellulite:

  1. Hormonal misbalance
  2. Violation of working thyroid and/or pancreas
  3. Dysfunction ofovaries
  4. Venous and lymphatic insufficiency (alsovarices)
  5. Ecology
  6. Mistake nutrition
  7. Stress
  8. Sedentary lifestyle
  9. Pregnancy
  10. Sharp fluctuations in weight (especially with weight loss)
  11. Uncontrollable taking medication
  12. Partiality to cigarette and alcohol
  13. Inheritance

The norm of drinking water – is 2 liters per day in intervals between eating.The most part of water should be drinking in first half of day in order to away swellings. It’s advisable to drink alkaline or ionized water, green tea, infusion of briar and oxygen cocktail.

Most suppose that real enemy of cellulite – is an oily food. Partly it is so. But it’s only partly. Because the main source of hypodermic fat – is glucose: 50% of glucose settles in problem places. If you ate half a kilo of candy – so you gain 250 g of cellulite reserve. But here we have another rule.  You ate candy – 25 squatting.

Starvation doesn’t help you with cellulite, but only worsen situation. Starve organism in shock state start strenuously collect fat, using energy sparingly. Never starve. Stick to healthy nutrition. If you think, that sport instantly solves your problems, so you mistake. Sport only promotes to improvement the quality of you forms. But it is required. The main thing is to do trainings regularly. Do more movements. Walk minimum 20 minutes per day.

Yes and still necessary to use ant cellulite cream. But not fanatically and feverishly change one per another, but use one cream two-three months. Inflict cream necessary two times per day, on clear skin, massaging and patting problem places. And every three days do peeling body. You should forget stretch jeans. They visually make us slimmer, but occluded vessel sand reduced the blood supply to the skin. Remember about salon treatment. Best is manual massage in complex with vacuum techniques.

Forget about cigarettes and strong alcohol, bubbles and beer. Maximum that you can – is a dry wine. And the most important and useful – is to accept and love yourself in your current state. When you stop to swear and blame yourself, organism stop feel permanently stress and guilt for it appearance… and start prettier on the eyes. Remember, doesn’t exist single method to remove cellulite, but exist complex of measurements!

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