Gout Diet Guide

By Gayle Wilson | March 20, 2019

Claudine Henderson - Gout Diet Guide authorIt is important to remember that you can eat for gout, and from receiving any food is discarded. More information on this topic is revealed in the book “Gout Diet Guide“. Be sure to download the manual, if you care about your health. Gout If you need to reduce the intake of protein to 1 g per day per 1 kg of body weight. It contributes to the formation of uric acid in human body. It is also necessary to limit salt intake – up to 5 – 6 g per day. Recommended intake of water is 2.5 liters per day, if there’re no related heart diseases and kidney failure. In no case do not overeat! To make better use of food consume it n in boiled form.

Completely exclude meat of young animals (veal, chicken) meat products – side processing of animal carcasses products (liver, kidney, heart, diaphragm, tongue, brains, lungs, trachea, head, ears, lips, pork leg), fish (herring, pike, sardines, sprats), eggs, coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate, legumes (peas, beans, beans, lentils, peanuts), mushrooms; foods that contain large amounts of oxalic acid (spinach, lettuce, eggplant and radishes), any sausages and smoked products, savory snacks, canned food, lard, beef broth and soups, alcoholic beverages, especially beer and wine; cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, figs, cranberries, lingonberries, yeast, salt cheeses. These products contain high amounts of purines in its composition. Limited consumption of the following products: shortenings, pork, beef and mutton fat starchy foods – jam, cookies, syrups, candies, honey; salted and pickled vegetables, rich products. What can you eat, you will learn after reading the e-book ‘Gout Diet Guide’, which is written by a nurse Claudine Henderson. She has real experience on managing gout through low purine diet. The woman on the personal experience led Formula to proper diet for gout. I wish you never to get sick! Thank you for attention.

Nurse Claudine Henderson's Gout Diet Guide

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