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Gayle's 2003 Books

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"Prisoner of the Tower"
Novella in The Wedding Chase

June 2003
“Prisoner of the Tower” by Gayle Wilson

Join New York Times bestelling author Kasey Michaels, RITA Award Winner Gayle Wilson and reader favorite Lyn Stone for Harlequin's annual celebration of romance and matrimony.

Romance readers love weddings and fantasy, and this year's bridal collection is extra special! THE WEDDING CHASE features brand-new stories by three of the top historical writers in the genre, all set during the exciting Regency historical period. The charm, wit and sheer magic of
these stories will delight all readers, making this collection a definite bestseller!

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Rocky Mountain Maverick
August 2003
** A brand new series from Harlequin Intrigue **
Colorado Confidential

By day these agents ride the range; by night they are specialized government operatives. Bound by love, loyalty and the law—they have vowed to keep their missions and their identities confidential.

Mission Profile

The Agent: Michael Wellesley
His Motto: Trust No One
Vital Statistics: 6’3”; sea-blue eyes; tall, dark and deadly
The Assignment: Undercover Cowboy
The Complication: Nicola Carson

Confidential agent Michael Wellesley had his mission to infiltrate a powerful senator’s ranch—until he unmasked one sweetly sexy imposter. Nicola Carson’s brilliant disguise as a boyish ranch hand couldn’t hide her femininity from Michael’s sharp senses. She claimed the senator wanted her dead, and she was hiding in plain sight to find out why. Taking on an inexperienced partner wasn’t in Michael’s plans, but with Nicki’s precious life in his hands, the maverick agent realized the time had come to improvise…

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Keeping Watch
September 2003
Harlequin Intrigue Special Promotion

An Intrigue special promotion with a reissue of Gayle Wilson’s award-winning Heart of the Night and an original novel by rising star Julie Miller together in one volume.

Heart of the Night
Judge Thorne Barrington was a survivor…the only living victim of serial bomber Jack the Tripper. He’d even survived Jack’s real curse—advance warning of the bombings Thorne could not prevent. But survival had its price. Once the darling of debutantes and the crowned prince of the society pages, Barrington had vanished from the public eye.

Driven by a need she told herself was professional curiosity, Kate August delved into the mystery of Thorne Barrington. But for reasons more elusive—and far more personal—she followed him into the darkness, determined to find the heart of the mystery…and the man.

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Under Surveillance
December 2003
Book 2 of the Phoenix Brotherhood

John Edmonds' role in Rafe Sinclair's rescue led the head of the Phoenix Brotherhood to doubt John's loyalty as well as his ability to obey orders. After relegating him to a series of meaningless jobs, Griff Cabot finally relents enough to give him a more challenging assignment--watching Kelly Lockett, whose charitable foundation is suspected of funding terrorism. The problem is that the more John learns about the beautiful society heiress, the more attracted he is to the woman he's supposed to be keeping under surveillance.

Kelly knows that the founder of the Lockett Legacy, her beloved brother Chad, would never betray his country. She also believes that the plane crash in which Chad died wasn't an accident. Someone wants to control the purse strings on the millions of dollars the foundation raises every year. Kelly has no idea who she can trust, especially when she and John discover a deadly secret society whose members are some of the most powerful people in Washington.

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