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Gayle's 2005 Books

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Wednesday's Child
April 2005
Susan Chandler's husband had vanished without a trace. . .along with their one-year-old daughter. Now, seven years later, his car has been pulled from a river in some backwater Mississippi town. Inside was the skeleton of her husband and an empty baby seat. The local sheriff is calling what happened an accident, but for Susan, things just don't add up.

Major Jeb Bedford has returned to Mississippi with only one thing on his mind--to get his wounded body back in working order so he can rejoin his Delta Force team as soon as possible. Susan Chandler's quiet desperation to find her daughter, however, echoes his own struggle and his own determination. And then somehow, protecting Susan from those who don't want her to discover the truth about her husband's death becomes more important to Jeb than anything else.

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Take No Prisoners
July 2005
When CIA analyst Grace Chancellor is taken prisoner in the lawless mountains of Afghanistan, Griff Cabot believes only one man has any chance of getting her out alive. Landon James, a former member of the External Security Team, knows the country and its people better than anyone in the agency. Besides, Landon and Grace have a lot of personal history that leads Griff to believe he won’t turn down the request to mount a rescue attempt.

Although it had taken Landon years to forget the woman who walked away because she wanted a commitment he couldn’t give, he is more than willing to go after Grace. The mission, however, will be on his terms. The renegade agent has his own score to settle in a country where he once operated undercover.

What Landon doesn’t realize is that not everyone in the CIA is anxious to have Grace return. Forced to fight hostile tribesmen and perhaps even his own countrymen, Landon discovers that he is again falling in love with Grace Chancellor and that the same questions that drove them apart before still have no answers.

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Double Blind
November 2005
Two years ago Will Shannon lost his career, his reputation, and the romantic relationship that had developed with a young female Secret Service agent on his team. Now he's being framed for the murder of the drug mogul who'd hired him as a private bodyguard. And the only person he feels he can trust to help him is the woman at the center of the controversy that ruined his life.

Although she desperately wanted to, Caitlyn Malone has never publicly acknowledged her role in Will's disgrace. When he shows up at her door, wounded and disoriented, she finds that she can't turn him away. Together they battle a relentless enemy, who has both unlimited resources and a ruthless determination to protect those at any cost.

Cait and Will discover that the forbidden attraction that once drew them together has not lessened. This time there are no rules or regulations to keep them apart--only a terrible danger that drives them closer and closer as they attempt to unravel the mystery.

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