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Gayle's 2006 Books

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Only A Whisper
February 2006
Federal agent Rae Phillips is haunted by a voice she hasn't heard in two years — not since she recorded the deathbed confession of a man whose words had the power to topple a major drug cartel. That night she fell in love with a stranger whose face was shrouded in darkness.

Now her fellow agents are dying. It seems that anyone connected with that long-ago case is being systematically murdered. Then Rae herself is drugged and abducted, held hostage by a captor as mysterious as he is seductive. And the dangerous game he's playing with her mind is only a prelude to the doubly dangerous game he's playing with her heart.

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The Inquisitor
July 2006
He was an expert in the art of killing…

The serial murderer dubbed the Inquisitor has already killed over a dozen women in various cities, and the authorities haven’t a clue to his identity. He’s organized, methodical, and sure to kill again. And now he’s set his sights on Birmingham psychologist Jenna Kincaid.

Convinced that the Inquisitor killed his only sister, ex-army Ranger Sean Murphy has been hunting him with one thing in mind: revenge. If his instincts are right, Jenna Kincaid will lead him to his prey.

But Jenna has gotten to Sean in a way that no one has in a very long time. Now he’s desperate to keep her safe—because the madman is taking a terrifying pleasure in the unfolding game. And if the killer wins, it’s Jenna who will pay the ultimate price…

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December 2006
A child’s worst nightmare. A mother’s worst fear.

A year after the death of her husband, Blythe Wyndham moves with her four-year-old daughter, Maddie, back to the small town where she grew up. But soon after they move into their new house, strange things begin to happen. Maddie has disturbingly intense nightmares—so intense that Blythe fears one night she may not be able to awaken her daughter. A psychologist explains that Maddie’s dreams are simply the result of her father’s death, but Blythe knows something else is wrong. Because she’s heard the tapping at her daughter’s window…

Convinced the house is haunted, Blythe researches the town’s history and discovers that a little girl had been murdered in the area 25 years ago. Could there be some connection between this dead child and Maddie? With the help of Sheriff Cade Jackson, Blythe tries to separate past horrors from present dangers and struggles to distinguish the real from the imagined. But someone is clearly determined to keep a secret—and will kill again to do so.

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