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Gwen Thompson 08/15/10 No Email Provided Just discovered your suspense novels in the last couple of years and really enjoyed them. Now I\'m always on the look out for n ew books from you. I\'m looking forward to reading your historical novels now that I know you have some. I will certainly be on the look out for your new books. Happy writing and congratulations on becoming a grandmother.
Donna 08/04/10 No Email Provided How lovely to have some new historicals to look forward to. I enjoyed your earlier ones very much! Glad to hear life is leaving you a bit more time to write...it sure is what happens while we are making other plans!
Connie Koldenhoven 05/26/10 No Email Provided I am so thrilled to see that you are writing in the historical area again. I so loved your earlier historicals. Your hero\'s are so strong, even though physically flawed. That is my most favorite of all areas of romance. I keep hoping to see your earlier works back out again in kindle format so I can keep it forever and not get so tattered from being read over and over again.
Leatha Jones Wheater 05/06/10 No Email Provided Mrs. T-
So happy to hear that you are a grandma, and that you get to see her all the time - what a lucky baby! I am looking fo rward to finding you once again on the shelves in our local B&N. You were and still are an inspiration to those of us who were lu cky to be your \"nifty gifties\" once upon a time. Thank you!
Jennifer Reeves Williams 02/09/10 No Email Provided Dear Mrs. T

I am anxiously awaiting your next book. I have enjoyed them all. Just wanted to tell you that you were a great inspiration to me in high school. I tell my daughter all the time that you are the one teacher who inspired me and challenged me to be the best I could be. (I think it was all the red ink on my papers) Thank you for being the best teacher I ever had and t hank you now for allowing me to spend hours enjoying your books. Your granddaughter is adorable, I know you are so proud. Can\ 't believe Chris is old enough to have children. Wow time flies. Love, Jennifer
jos 01/24/10 No Email Provided Sin saber quien era gayle wilson consegui el primer libro que leí de ella apenas hace no máss de una semana, debo decir que me lleve una sorpresa pues el libro \"Bajo Vigilancia\" al menos así lo llaman en la tradución para México, me llevo a encerrarme hasta terminarlo, esto me inicio la busqueda de mas libros de ella, busque en internet su nombre Gayle y al encontrar su página, sentí la necesidad de dejar una nota de agradecimeinto por tan buen libro. GACIAS GAYLE....

Kay Kerkeslager 12/09/09 No Email Provided I loved your books esp. the ones with the Dominic, Duke of Avon. I would love to read more books with him as a character.
Lisa 11/03/09 No Email Provided I\'m so excited that you\'re going to release new historicals in the new year! I just hope that they\'re dark and moving like your previous ones. Thanks so much!
Lindsay Catherine Byard 10/15/09 No Email Provided Your books are AH-MAZ-ING! i LOVE them!!! You are a VERY talented author, and the world is lucky to have you!

YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!<333
Lynnsey 09/21/09 No Email Provided You are my favorite author ever! I have a whole collection of your books, with the exeption that I still need to find a couple more! I get so into them that I finish them within a day or two. The suspense and mystery with a touch of romance balances out the stories evenly and I can\'t seem to put them down. Keep up the lovely writing, and I will definitely keep reading :) Thank you!
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