Momentum of Survive

By Gayle Wilson | November 30, 2018

Dear visitors of the site, I am glad to introduce you the book Momentum of Survive, which will help you stay alive, even in the worst situation. You never thought at a busy street, what would you do if some madman opened a fire? Shocking news from Paris and San Bernardino makes you think about such things. No paranoia, as the probability of dying from a heart attack is 35079 times, and cancer – 33 842 times higher than that of a bullet or a suicide maniac. But a heart attack, in most cases, is not a surprise, unless you avoid regular health checks. So, how can you prepare for a sudden shootout? I have the answer – it’s e-Book “The Momentum of Survive“. I’ve never been in a situation with a madman, blazing in all directions. But if this happened, I would instinctively fell to the floor and tried to hide under the table. And it would be a mistake! This is what I learned from this new book from Terry Cunningham.

No one managed to survive in a situation where the shooter moves because any shooter knows that people are trying to hide under the tables, so the first thing they drop them back and target the person in focus hiding. But what if it won’t be possible to run out of the door? Trying to get out through the window? If it is possible, of course. It is necessary to take advantage of any escape plan. But if you’re stuck in the room, still have protection measures. It is not enough just to close the room. It’s just a trap. So, what to do: move up table to the door? If possible. If not, it is necessary to take advantage of the collective resistance. In general, download this guide to survival in an extreme situation and you will learn a lot for yourself.

ebook cover Momentum of Survive


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