Penis Advantage

By Gayle Wilson | March 20, 2019

So, have you ever asked yourself how can you enlarge your penis in conditions of your home? There are many ways to get desired result. Let’s talk about men’ anatomy first. Any penis consists not of muscles, but of cartilaginous outgrowths. What makes it so solid and hard? A penis becomes hard due to the rush of blood. That’s why the penis becomes erected and significantly increases in size. By the way, the Penis Advantage book describes one unique method of penis enlargement. In this article I’m going to tell you about two exercises, which will help you to enlarge your penis.

You need to warm up your penis before any training, because such training may damage or harm it. To do so you need to put a towel in hot water to make it hot and wet. Thoroughly wring the towel and wrap the penis for 2-3 minutes. Your skin and vessels will become more elastic, which will reduce risk of damages to zero.

First exercise for penis enlargement

First thing that you will need is a lube. Due to the lube you will perform all the exercises without any risk of damage to your penis. Seat in any comfort position on the edge of your bed and apply the lube on your penis. Then, hold your penis using the thumb and index finger at the base and start to pull the skin to the head slowly, stretching it that way and increasing its size. In a while your penis will be erected and increase its size. Such situation is normal and it’s something that we were looking for. Independently to size of your penis, continue your exercises, holding your penis tight. You need to increase speed of your movements. By making this exercise you are trying to hold as much blood as possible in cavernous pores of your penis. You can reach erection in about 10 minutes. At that moment you need to hold that base of your penis as tight as possible in order to keep blood inside, which will stretch cavernous body.

Hold your penis in such state around 1 minute, releasing it then. If you feel any discomfort or pain – stop the exercise immediately and read my manual once more. If you perform this exercise daily and continuously, you can enlarge you penis by 3 centimeters in 1 month.

Second exercise for penis enlargement

This exercise involves a training of non-erected penis in the flaccid state. To do it, you need to hold your penis with fingers and try stretch it using a moderate amount of force. You need to perform each repetition for 10-15 seconds. After 10 repetitions you need to change your penis position, holding it upwards during stretching. Continue with stretching by 360 degrees, which may help to stretch cartilaginous outgrowths near to the base of your penis.

By the end of your training you need to perform a relaxing massage in order to restore proper operation of blood vessels. You can also take a hot bath, which will not only help your training progress, but will also positively reflect on your testicles. Warming up will help you to relax and cope with the feelings that you get when performing the exercises.

If you want to get amazing results, you definitely need to read the Penis Advantage book. Method of penis enlargement described in that book helped to thousands of men all over the world. Now it’s your time. Download the book right now.

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