By Gayle Wilson | January 3, 2019

You were waiting this moment for a long time and finally piano is in front of you, you start playing, but where is the music?  If you thought that learning to play piano is a peace of cake, than purchasing such a noble instrument was originally a bad idea. Since you’re going to practice music, even if it will be just a hobby for you, be ready to play piano every single day at least 15 minutes to see the results. That is why you are reading this text. By the way, the piano tutorial Piano For All is one of the best. Using this book my friend  learned to play the piano within one month. Highly recommend.

If you initially do not want to learn to play piano, why to choose this form of activity? If you decide that music plays  a significant role in your life, and you’re willing to make sacrifices for the sake of it, then you are on the right way!

How to learn to play piano?

Let’s just discuss one rather interesting debate that is conducted for a long time among the musicians, mostly from the XX-XXI centuries. Do I need to know solfege to play piano? Do musicians need the be aware about solfege system or it puts a creative person in the framework of certain meaningless?

There is no doubt, there are a lot of people who achieves wide popularity, success and were able to write great music (The Beatles is good example) without education, without knowledge of key and notes. But let us live in the present, that kind of people were the children of their time, that is why it was so easy to become famous, but don’t forget about John Lennon. At the end his life was not the thing to be envious of, do you agree with me?

The example, to be honest, not the best one— but playing piano you will find a great depth in the sound. This instrument is an academic, serious, but more simple instruments take its origin from the folk music, that has  more simple motifs.

Is it possible to learn to play piano without an ear for music?

Another very important clarification. I think you have heard about “ear for music”. One hundred percent hearing since birth — an extraordinary phenomenon as a fall of meteorites on Earth. Actually  people absolutely without ear for music rarely happens as well. All I want to say, that NEVER listen to anyone who says that without an ear for music, without music lessons from childhood there is no sense to practice music. And I have heard this from many great musicians.

You can consider that the hearing is an abstract muscle. When you go to the gym, your muscles grow; when you study the exact sciences,  it increases your brain’s processing speed, whatever you’re doing as a result you will see the progress.  Hearing is no exception. Moreover,due  to diligence you will be able to beat those who has more experience than you.

If you have a desire to learn to play piano, I’m sure that Pianoforall will help you to achieve great results. Just do not be lazy and start practice music using this great book Piano For All today. Thank you!

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