Sniper Seduction

By | November 8, 2018

Dale Douglas - author of Sniper Seduction programEvery woman has the gift of uniqueness, singularity. Every woman is unique in its essence, particularly as a whole and naturally beautiful. And woman’s beauty is equal to dawn that all day awakens the world whisper, and as the sunset that packs peace. Female beauty is sublime and rarity of dewy, is filling of love, tenderness in a remarkable set of shapes, twists and turns where, with red ink passion, writing the story of creation. Woman of beauty is art, it is poetry, are all the more beautiful melody notes are mystery charms and madness where it keeps the origin of life. Female beauty is equal to life itself, heady with mystery, adventure, danger and seduction. Do you want to sleep with all the women you could ever want? If you do, feel free to download “Sniper Seduction” by Dale Douglas. It’s an ebook in PDF format. By the way, below is a short seduction story:)

This is how it goes. There was a Photographer in search of happiness in his life. He wants to be a talent with what he does – with his work, and works very hard at his craft. He meets a girl who makes his jaw drop. She’s beautiful, she’s a brunette and has blue eyes, and full pouty lips. She smiled at him and of course he smiles at her. She has these eyes filled with mischief, seduction, kindness. And a very fun personality. And she is no stranger to Photographers at. She is one of the most photograph people in the world. After he goes home after meeting her, he starts to listen to soft music and it right away reminds him of her and makes him think about her. Well, the next morning he see’s her again. And they start to talk again and make a date for the night to go dancing. She accepts his invitation, he gets is suit prepped. And when he goes to pick her up, he see’s her looking gorgeous wearing dark red lipstick and wearing ball gown accentuating her hourglass figure.

His eyes light up with desire and his heart is filled with passion and a very kindhearted nurturing feeling. When they arrive they can’t stop staring at each other. Then they dance and the feeling of warmth and comfort and the joy of the great music, nice and slow. It’s jazz playing. All he could think about is that he is the luckiest guy in the whole world. All he could do is look into those beautiful blue eyes and see the most beautiful smile he has ever saw in his life. It was the one and only special night of his life. After years of the torture of waiting he finally found his rainbow. She later became not only his love but also his model, often used in his photos. Class was what was behind the couple. And all the fun they have. The Photographer fella was more feeling oriented than any man she had known. Which was refreshing for her. They each share a great deal of the same values. What continues is there journey of love and the different sights that they see and the pictures just keep coming. And he finds himself more successful more filled with joy and happiness than ever.

Sniper Seduction book cover

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