The High Protein Handbook

By | November 19, 2018

Food For Fitness - The High Protein Handbook #2 ebook authorUp the date, in the diet of the US population, you can note the presence of a consumption deficit of proteins that are essential for every living organism. So be sure to download the wonderful book “High Protein Handbook” and include into your diet 30 products with high protein content already today. The trouble is that many people do not even know that protein is the main building material, which has been actively involved in the formation of muscle fibers, strengthening hair and nails, but also helps to maintain body weight at the proper level. But, unfortunately, the human body does not possess the capacity to be reserved for future use of protein, so the only source of them will be regular consumption of high-protein products.

Daily rate for a person is calculated as follows: with a measured way of life 0.5 grams of pure protein per 1 kg own weight will be sufficient, during active sports and the desire to strengthen the muscle mass — 2 grams, pregnant women and nursing mothers – about 1 gram. Poultry meat is a very good and useful and indispensable source of easily digestible protein (about 20% of the total weight). Additionally, such meat unlike others has a low calorie level, plus a number of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Beef – practically not inferior to its beneficial properties and poultry meat contains about 25% of high-grade animal proteins, it is also rich in essential and nonessential amino acid, B vitamins and iron. For the most useful effect it is recommended to consume it boiled or stewed. More information on this subject you will get from a manual The High Protein Handbook #2. Thank you!

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