The Procrastination Fix

By Gayle Wilson | November 30, 2018

Hello dear readers. What do you think about procrastination? Are you shame if you postpone the necessary things for later instead of finishing them now? Instead of experiencing guilt, find out how to deal with procrastination and use this knowledge in practice with the help of PDF e-book “The Procrastination Fix“. For start, determine your goal. It motivates you to act. We often put off the case and do not want to do anything because we don’t see any value in it. If you do not want to do anything about it, think how making it will bring you closer to your goal. If not, then do what is necessary to move forward. Also be sure to recognize your value. This is what guides us in lives. Having defined values can make decisions that correspond to them. If you are experiencing unwillingness to do any activity, determine what value corresponds to this case.

This should help motivate you to some action. Make daily tasks. To determine if you are overwhelmed, make a detailed list for a variety of purposes. At the beginning or at the end of the day make a plan for the next, or the current day. Plan time for unforeseen circumstances. After compiling the list of the tasks, determine which things are most important at the moment. It is best to complete fewer cases than giving up all tasks. Completing the task gives satisfaction and increases motivation. Remember the 80/20 principle. It is said that 80% of the results is achieved only by 20% of the effort. Do not forget about the help. Without knowing anything, do not succumb to procrastination. Think, maybe it’s time to gain new knowledge? You may need additional training or new information. Therefore, be sure to read the book The Procrastination Fix. I’m 100 percent sure that with this book you will make a step forward in terms of personal growth.

The Procrastination Fix book pdf


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