Unwrap Your Fat Loss

By Gayle Wilson | March 20, 2019

You must agree that it is very hard to take care about weight during holidays. It is very hard, but you can do that! You can turn every celebration with high-calorie food into part of your own weighting loss program. The secret is in restriction and the right balance between food. I would like to share simple and easy advice about how to spend holidays without harming your figure. By the way, if you want to achieve good results, then you need to download Unwrap Your Fat Loss book. In this book is described a unique system of weighting loss program during holidays. You will be able to eat all for Christmas and New Year, but still be able to lose weight! Now let us come back to our topic.

  1. Excess calories are burning due to active lifestyle – 30-minute working outs is a must for every day. Physical exercise will help you to relax and you will not feel cravings for food in order to relieve the body from the stress and pressure.
  2. Water, water, and water – little portions will help you to refresh your body during the day. Water is helping to detoxicate the whole body. Water is regulating our body temperature and the best thing – water has 0 calories, 0 cholesterol, and 0 fat.
  3. Be capricious while you are choosing food – do not waste precious calories on chips and crackers. Eat only what you really like!
  4. Do not start to eat many dishes in the same time. The variety is making our life better, but still do not forget about „overeating“! Combine things which you can combine. For example, your choice should be only meat or vegetable food.
  5. Do not be greedy! Do not put too much food and visit table with food only once. Use the smallest plates. Put on your plate vegetables first and only then proceed to the high-calorie sweets and cheeses. Eat small portions, low-calorie food, and you will notice good results fast.
  6. When you are on the party, stay away from the table with food: until you did not put food on the plate – you have no idea how much you can eat! So, the worst thing what can happen is to stand next to the table with food.
  7. Do not drink too much alcohol. Alcohol is double trouble for you during the holidays. If you decide to drink, then do not forget to drink a cup of water between two cocktails.
  8. „ I gave money for this and I must eat this all “– the fact that you paid for your food does not mean that you must eat it all. Take a part of uneaten food with you. The restaurant portions are usually 2-3 times bigger than at your home. And if you eat and feel full then stop eating, simple!
  9. Make a plan. You should planning your time and learn how to manage your expectations during the holidays otherwise you will not be able to run away from stress! And stress is the enemy of any slim figure! You should be realistic – you cannot achieve everything, but you need to find time for the relaxation.
  10. Abstinence is the key of the harmonious life. Do not forget about the principles of healthy eating, eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid high-calorie food. And do not give up from your weighting loss program!

Happy holidays!

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