12 Week Volleyball Strength Program

Want to jump higher, hit harder, and make amazing athletic plays? Dennis Jackson’s 12 Week Volleyball Strength Program is exactly what you need! A few words about volleyball rules… Teams must be made up of a maximum of 12 players, so that there are six participants on the playing field and six substitutes.

How do you get a point? When the ball passes over the net and the opposing team commits a foul or does not control the ball well. During the game the ball has to be hit continuously, so no player can hold it.

The players of each team must prevent the ball from reaching the ground within their court. If you do, the opposing team receives a point. What happens if the ball ends up outside the field of play, that is, when it touches the ceiling, the net, the public, the referees or the posts? The team that last touched the ball is considered a foul, and a point is scored against the opposing team.

It is also a point for the opposing team if a team touches three times in a row without passing the ball over the net to the opposing court, or if a player touches the ball twice in a row.

One of the basic rules of volleyball has to do with rotation. Players have to rotate clockwise. Failure to do so is considered a lack of rotation and the rally is lost.

Each match consists of three, four or five sets. Each team wins a set when it reaches at least 25 points with an advantage of two. A team wins when it wins three sets.

Volleyball Strength Program by Dennis Jackson

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