The 7 Days To Drink Less Program by Georgia Foster

Georgia Foster’s The 7 Days To Drink Less program helps to control your drinking in just one week! If you want to get healthier, if you want to feel good about how much you drink, this program is for you. One could make the argument that you are not quitting drinking you are quitting hangovers.

My husband was so tired of feeling like crap that the pain of the hangover started to outweigh the joy of drinking.  The day-to-day task are now are much easier to perform if you are not paying the consequences from the night before.  I wonder if the hangover came before the high would people still drink…

By far the hardest part of making the decision to quit drinking is the questions and crap you get from friends and family. The pandemic is great cover to allow you the time to social distance to gain that self-confidence.

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