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Hey there! Picture this… You pull up to the local convenience store down the street from your house. You reach over to your glove box and pull out a $20 bill. You’ve decided that this $20 is what you’ll play and win the lottery with. You just have that feeling it’s your time.

You walk into the store, excited and yet nervous. You go up to the counter… and using a trick I teach you in my Lotto Profits system… you buy scratch tickets all from the same game, in a row. This way, if the scratch tickets are taken in order from the same roll, you drastically increase your odds of winning.

That’s because each roll of scratch tickets have to contain a certain number of winners. And by grabbing consecutive scratch tickets from the same roll… you’ve just boost your odds of winning. GREATLY. You get home, scratch off the first 5 tickets and notice you’ve won $3. Yawn… no big deal. Your next ticket… BAM, $300.

Now, it may not seem like much… but when you use all of the techniques provided by Richard Lustig’s Lotto Profits software, your odds increase each and every game you play. This guy has won the 7 Lottery Game Grand Prizes and has pocketed over $2 million dollars in prize money. Believe me, he has learned a few tricks, and if you want to find them all, in one place, check out the link below. Best of luck to all of you!

Lotto Profits by Richard Lustig

Lotto Profits


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