Manifestation 3.0

PDF Book Download! Manifestation 3.0, by Mary Lee. With this program you will learn how to manifest thousands of dollars just nine days. For me, manifestation is basically speaking a goal or desire out into the universe and then letting the universe do it’s thing. That doesn’t mean that I’m completely hands off though, just that I keep going down my path and know that eventually my wish will come true as long as I keep moving down the path.

After a year of being unemployed due to the aforementioned pandemic, I was ready to return to work! The job market was picking up again and so I made it a goal to have a job by my 30th birthday. Sure enough, I got an offer two weeks before my birthday! I ended up leaving that job after about three months, but it was still a great feeling to have reached that goal.

Manifestation 3.0 by Mary Lee


Manifestation 3.0 PDF Book Download


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