Neuropathy No More

PDF Book Download! Neuropathy No More, by Jodi Knapp. Life sucks. Sure, it sucks a lot less without dialysis, but there are still lots of health issues to deal with. I was working on the computer at around 6:00 pm when I got a huge spike of pain on the inside of my left foot. Instead of going away and spiking periodically, the pain basically stayed for an hour. It was a bit less intense but still pretty painful nevertheless. Afterwards, the pain started shooting again for about three hours. I think it is mostly subsided now, but I was screaming into my pillow more than once.

It is super frustrating since I do not understand the pain mechanism or drivers. Why does it start up at random? And what exactly is causing the pain? What if I gave myself a lidocaine shot? It is combination of intense pain, and feeling helpless to do anything about it that really drains me in the moment.

Neuropathy No More by Jodi Knapp

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Neuropathy No More PDF Download



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