The Poundless Program

Are you suffering from overweight? You may want to follow Adam Diehl’s 3-step fat-destroying “trick” described in his ebook The Poundless Program, and rapidly shed those stubborn pounds. Eleven years ago, I joined the very last weight loss, challenge group. I was a part of it for a little over a year, and I tossed the whole group to the curb.

I was drained, and every time I looked at pizza, chocolate, hamburgers, and fries, I started to shake. Well, maybe I didn’t shake, but I sure did feel like it. All I wanted to do was eat up everything that I saw. But I knew I had to weigh in on Saturday, and I wanted to win. So I would eat very little, and on most nights, I would skip dinner.

Big mistake! Skipping dinner will lead to late-night munching, and late-night munching will cause weight gain. Not to mention that all the late-night munching will cause you to have a miserable night’s sleep. And what is one huge factor in losing weight? Sleep, sleep, sleep… So take this advice from a woman that has been on several diets, exercise fanatic, and has suffered from poor nutrition.

Weight loss challenge groups suck! If you want to get healthy, you have to educate yourself on all the proper foods for your body. Internally we are all different; therefore, certain foods may trigger something negative within me and not you. And when you join a weight loss group, I doubt that you are taking time to get to know your body. That’s why I strongly recommend the book below…

The Poundless Program by Adam Diehl

Poundless Program PDF


Poundless Program


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