The Secrets To Archangel Calling

PDF Download! The Secrets To Archangel Calling by Ashly Reid – The Art of Archangels Invocation and Sigils Rituals. Uncover the 12 archangels including their Sigils keys and prayers to connect directly with them. Archangel Metatron is reminding us to call on him to deliver the message of what our souls purpose is . He is asking that we invoke child like pressence in our lives to have fun and be carefree from the judgement of others and the world around us.

I’m seeing someone playing in mud and running and hugging a tree . This is the reminder the benifits of nature and the the healing properties it carries as well as how sweet and innocent children are that they believe anything is possible. He is using my children as an example and a reminder how they manifest so many Beautiful things . When they want something they talk about it daily and they don’t limit who they talk about it to until they receive what they are asking for and it happens in such mysterious ways. This is a prime example if we don’t get the answer right away to continue to search and ask for it. Call on Archangel Metatron ask for clairty with your souls purpose.

Secrets To Archangel Calling book cover


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