Sexual Peak Performance

Sexual Peak Performance book download in PDF format. Feel free to read Nick’s guide only if you really want to learn how to last longer in bed 100% naturally with zero side effects. Your presence makes me weak but in a way I crave. I can never elaborate enough on what you do to me. Your fingertips lace into my locks, sending an undeniable rush to my brain. My head tilts back and I’ve become yours.

It’s written on my face, I’m something you’ve only seen in your dreams. Your fingers tighten around my hair as you pull my head in the direction I’m silently begging for. My lips part with anticipation running across them. One hand entwined in my hair, the other firmly wrapped around my jaw and there it is. We connect and my body no longer belongs to me. You are aware of my pulse, the one that beats for you and you say “good girl.”

Sexual Peak Performance book cover

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