Tone Your Tummy

PDF Book Download! The Tone Your Tummy System, by Todd Lamb. It’s the first system designed to unlock the flow of energy through your core so you naturally and easily flatten your stomach and tighten your tummy. Ask a random person starting any new exercise regime or starting a new ‘diet’ what their main motivation is and there is a high chance that you will be hit with something along the lines of:

‘I want to… lose weight’

‘… tone up‘

‘… lose belly fat / love handles / jiggly arms / etc…‘

Any of the above responses are a fine goal when entering a gym or lacing up a pair of trainers to take on something like couch to 5k. But, what most people are trying to say is that their main goal is ‘Fat Loss’. However, when speaking to many within my circle of family and friends, there is still confusion about how to go about fat loss.

Tone Your Tummy


Tone Your Tummy PDF Book Download


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